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BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre

Technical Services

Our strength stems from our extensive design know-how gained through over 20 years of industrial experience and a network of worldwide engineering talent. We work in partnership with our customers and devise the most cost effective solution to the requirements at hand. We are happy to work and partner with your design team and take an idea from concept to hardware.

We use state of the art software tools for 'rapid virtual' prototyping and oversee the manufacture of the hardware and first article testing.

We can design and advise on:

  • Wi-Fi Antennas, RFID Solutions
  • Embedded small antennas for mobile devices (handsets, PDAs etc)
  • Reflector antennas, feed horns and microwave components
  • Waveguide Rotary Joints and feed networks
  • Phased arrays
  • Radomes
  • Antenna measurement Radar systems

Technical consulting

We have experience in advising and developing large scale radar, surveillance and security projects. We provide and advise on systems and solutions to government, industrial and military customers and end-users. These have included

  • Coastal surveillance radar systems
  • Airport surface detection systems
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • RFID deployment

Please contact us with any specific RF based requirement you may have.

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