Dual Circular

RFID products

We design, develop and deliver application specific RFID antenna solutions and an extensive range of commercial off the shelf products in the HF and UHF bands to fulfill most requirements for system integrators and end-users.

For your special requirements and projects please contact our experts so we can provide you with a bespoke fully adapted solutions to your commercial applications and end users.

UHF antennas

UHF antennas are used in logistics management for identifying and tracking of goods and assets in the supply chain. These antennas are used as the front end transducer to interrogate and read the embedded tag information and facilitate their detection and location.

Common applications include pallet and roll cage tracking, warehouse portals.

Model Polarisation Gain Downloads
RFT-SCP-05-8690 Circular 5dBic
download pdf
RFT-SCP-08-8690 Circular 8dBic
download pdf
RFT-SCP-11-8690 Circular 11dBic
download pdf
RFT-DCP-08-8496 Dual Circular (L and R) 8dBic
download pdf
RFT-DPL-07-870 Linear 7dBi
download pdf
RFT-DPL-08-8690 Linear 8dBi
download pdf
RFT-OMV-02-8690 Omnidirectional 2dB
download pdf

HF antennas

HF RFID antennas suitable for a variety of applications including library portals and retail. Available in number of form factors ranging from laser cut loop profiles to PCB modules. Can be integrated with a variety of HF readers (OEM).

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