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Antenna products

RFTechnics designs and manufactures an extensive product portfolio of directional and omni-directional antennas for various wireless applications in the communication, logistics and military markets. The RFTechnics product portfolio includes antennas for:

  • WiFi coverage for commercial and industrial markets
  • RFID portals, hand-held readers for fixed, mobile and in-vehicle solutions
  • WiFi backhaul and subscriber CPE equipment
  • Vehicle-mounted exterior and interior antennas for railway and military applications

Directional antennas

Our rugged, high performance directional antennas are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They are designed and manufactured to maintain excellent RF performance across the frequency band. For ease of deployment they ship with pole mounting hardware that offers variable adjustment of pointing angle. They are ideal for point to point or point to multipoint links.

Model Frequency Gain Downloads
RFT-DPL-14-24 2400 - 2500MHz 14 dBi minimum
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RFT-DPL-20-5258 5125 - 5875MHz 19 dBi minimum
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RFT-DPL-1418-245X Dual band
2400 - 2500MHz
4900 - 5900MHz

14 dBi
18 dBi
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Omnidirectional antennas

Designed for outdoor use and harsh environment, they offer excellent RF performance and ensure that there is no elevation beam tilt with frequency while giving a 360° beam coverage in azimuth. Ideal for base station applications and mesh networks.

Model Frequency Gain Downloads
RFT-OMV-05-24 2400 - 2500MHz 5 dBi
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RFT-OMV-09-24 2400 - 2500MHz 9 dBi
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RFT-OMV-10-5X 4900 - 5900MHz 11 dBi
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Sector antennas

Ideal for covering specific areas over a prescribed angle. These sector coverage antennas can be combined around a pole with a 3 port combiner to give a high gain omnidirectional pattern.

Model Frequency Gain Downloads
RFT-SCV-07-24-120 2400 - 2500MHz 7 dBi
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RFT-SCV-13-24-120 2400 - 2500MHz 13 dBi
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RFT-SCV-16-5X-120 5150 - 5875MHz 16 dBi
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Vehicle Antennas

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