Microwave products

We design, manufacture and supply high performance and cost-effective microwave hardware to meet the stringent requirements of commercial and military radar applications.

Rotary joints

A range of high performance rotary joints suitable for marine radar and airport ground movement radar

Model Frequency Design Downloads
RFT-RJ-9095-HS X-Band 9 - 9.5GHz Hollow Shaft
download pdf
RFT-RJ-9095-L X-Band 9 - 9.5GHz L-Style
download pdf
RFT-RJ-3031-HS S-Band 3 - 3.1GHz Hollow Shaft
download pdf

Horn antennas and broadband horns

Standard horns for EMC and antenna testing and broadband horns for EMC and antenna measurements

Model Frequency Gain Downloads
Dual-Polarised Broadband Horn
600 - 2800MHz 0 - 10dBi
download pdf
Standard Gain Horn Antenna
8.2 - 12.4GHz 10 dBi nominal
download pdf
Horn Antenna
4.9 - 6.0GHz 18 dBi Min
download pdf

Near-field probes

Precision machined dual polarised probes for near-field antenna measurements

Model Frequency Polarisation Downloads
RFT-PRB-DP-430 1.7 -2.6GHz Horizontal and
vertical (simultaneous)
download pdf

2.5 - 4.2GHz

Horizontal and
vertical (simultaneous)
download pdf

Coax to waveguide transitions

High performance coax to waveguide transitions are manufactured in aluminium and available in side-launch and end-launch variants

Model Frequency Downloads
RFT-CGWT-10 2.7-3.1 GHz
download pdf
RFT-CGWT-14 5.8-8.2 GHz
RFT-CGWT-16 9.0-11.5 GHz
RFT-CGWT-18 11.9-18.0 GHz

Vehicle Antennas

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